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We're Egg-specting!

Updated: May 11, 2020

It's been a week since I set my long-awaited Light Brahma eggs in my brand-new 22-egg incubator. I recently moved them to a smaller incubator, graciously loaned by a friend, to make room for a new batch that arrived in the mail, and when I did, I tried out the egg candler on top of my new incubator.

I had attempted candling my first-ever batch of eggs earlier this year, with a cardboard box, towel, lightbulb, and drinking glass, with woeful results. I never saw anything conclusive, just vague shadows, and I melted my drinking glass in the process, which caused me to conclude that candling was pointless anyway.

So, I was delightfully surprised this go-round to plainly see my first little baby bouncing around in his egg at just five days into incubation. There he was. Or she. Waving a little flipper at me, just like my kids used to do in their sonograms! And then, egg after egg, 11 more babies clear as day. 100% fertility on my jostled and shipped eggs! Wooohooo!

Now it's time to count down to May 2nd: HATCH DAY.

You can find out what happened here.

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