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Seven Week Goldendoodle Puppy Update!

Doggies in the window

Here’s our seven week old crew! I love this sunset-hour-in-the-window picture.

And guys, I want to show you something... To ordinary people it may not look like much, but it’s a beautiful sight to someone raising puppies.

Do you see it?

It’s a perfectly dry potty pad.

It’s a perfectly dry potty pad! These goobers have decided they prefer to go outside now. And I’m not mad at it!

We will still have one or two go on the pad if they are left for a long time, but it’s not their first preference.

Yay, puppies!

And with that, I’ll give you their updated seven-week pictures and weights.







Sadie Mae


There are three that are tied for heaviest now!

Thank you all for following along!

Here’s a video of the puppies playing around during our photoshoot.

Can you believe next week will be our final post for this sweet batch?

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