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The Measuring Cup Latte: An Heirloom Recipe

Updated: May 19, 2020

Love foamed milk in your coffee, but find there's never enough space in your mug for both the coffee and the milk? Me too.

This recipe, which makes use of a large glass measuring cup to heat your milk, foam your milk, AND drink your coffee from in the end, was born as my quirky (and possibly lazy) solution (less dishes!). For the plain text recipe, scroll down, or click here for a video version. Otherwise, keep reading!

When I published my first post, ten days ago, little did I dream that we would be where we are today with almost forty-six views, close to five likes, and even a multi-sentence comment! (From my Dad.) It seems an appropriate time for a trip down memory lane, and what more apropos than to share the recipe from the original "measuring cup coffee" mentioned in one of my first

To make this lovely libation, you will firstly need an Amazon wishlist. Place a handheld milk frother on said wishlist, drop your well-placed hints, and wait for someone thoughtful to buy it for you. Once this is accomplished, you will need a couple of toddlers who drink whole milk, ensuring a boundless supply of whole milk in your fridge, a two-cup glass Pyrex measuring cup, and unbleached fabric to sew a reusable coffee filter because your local Walmart is sold out of #2 pourover filters.

Now that you've collected your basic materials, sew your filter in the middle of the night. The next morning, set up your coffee mug, pourover cone, filter, and coffee grounds...

and attempt to employ distraction or involvement tactics upon your toddlers long enough for you to safely pour boiling hot water over your coffee grounds without anyone dragging your elbow.

Four hours later, when kids are finally napping, return to your station and pour about a half cup of the hot water in a circular motion over your grounds. Allow the water to subside, then pour again - this is where, you'll see the amber colored crema released from the grounds as the coffee yields to the

- oh goodness, the piercing wails of a toddler ATTEMPTING to rest peacefully, yet frustrated by a lack of naptime necessities!

Try to revive your unfinished crema when you return, if you can, with a last-ditch rinse of now-lukewarm water. Meanwhile, pour a quarter to a third of a cup of milk into your measuring cup and heat for thirty seconds to a minute. (Use your discretion, but generally, the colder your coffee is, the hotter the milk should be.)

Use the frother to triple or quadruple the volume of the milk into a sturdy foam. If you'd like any add-ins to elevate your latte to a Starbucks-esque experience, such as a few drops of vanilla extract and a teaspoon or two of sugar, now is the time to stir them into your mug of black coffee, using the nearest plastic baby spoon (preferably yogurt-free).

Gently dump your mug of coffee into your measuring cup of frothed milk. Hold the handle like a mug; sip from the side and not the pour spout; return to your fragrant muse, which hopefully does not need to be microwaved.

(As tempting as it may be to skip this step and take a nap, it is crucial for the success of this recipe to drink your measuring cup latte.) Enjoy the moment, and allow yourself to savor the peaceful ritual of making a cup of coffee.

Click here to watch the video


1 cup strong black coffee (I made mine by pouring 8-10 oz freshly boiled water over a heaping tablespoon of coffee grounds, but use your method of choice)

1/4 - 1/3 cup milk (2% or higher fat works best for frothing)

2 tsp sugar if desired

1/4 tsp vanilla extract if desired

1. Brew coffee. Stir in sugar and vanilla and set aside.

2. In a 2 cup glass measuring pitcher, heat 1/4-1/3 cup milk for 1 minute or until steaming. Froth with submersible frother until tripled in size.

3. Gently pour the coffee into the foamed milk.

4. Enjoy!

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