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The Four Thousand Dollar Question

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

It's official, guys! I just purchased an actual domain name for my site!

When I was brainstorming my blog, my husband suggested "Celebrity Chicks" would be a catchier (if more misleading) name than "Celebrity Chickens". So, I popped into the space for my intended website name... and the price it generated was a whopping $3900 more than! I think he was on to something because apparently this is a highly coveted website handle.

The catch is that and .org are not expensive at all, for the painfully obvious reason that just does not have the same ring to it as

There, in the night, with my incubators humming a few feet away, I was called upon to decide the fate of these unborn chickens' identities. Not having four thousand dollars to spare, I could only choose one thing for them: their original Celebrity Chicks name, or the .com ending. And choose I did.

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