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Giving ‘Em Puppy Eyes: 2 1/2 week old Celebrity Puppies

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Prepare to have your heart stolen... look at these little guys with their eyes open!

They’ve grown so much that I’ve had to loosen their ID collars. We did a photo shoot today, and its harder than it looks to get a good family picture. But I did my best!

Also, everybody is spoken for now, hooray! Thank you to all the wonderful families who reserved one, and to my sister-in-law Wunmi for helping make this happen! From now on, I’ll be referring to the puppies with the new names their future owners have chosen.

Jagi means “honey” in Korean.

Boots... for his little white toes.

What can I say... he’s a Tex-Mex kind of doggy!

This handsome little fella had a bunch of people interested in him, but he went to the sweetest family in Colorado!

Winston... this guy is a heart-throb.

Pick of the litter, baby. She‘s going to live with my sister in law and brother in law in Boston!

Light blue collar girl (formerly Skye) is also going up to Boston to live with church friends! Will update when her new name is chosen.

Update: her new name is Sadie Mae!

Our last three puppies were reserved in a matter of hours, and at the end we didn’t have enough puppies to go around, so we almost had a tug of war over sweet little Luna!

These guys are growing so fast. They are taking up double the space on the pink chair now:

One week old (top), Two weeks old (bottom)

THANK YOU to everyone who has visited, read, and shared my blog! These babies boosted my traffic by 15,000% in one week!

Wit? No. Wisdom? No. puppy pictures? YASSSS!!!

See you soon!

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